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Data Science Bootcamp – Pre-Work – Setting up Python Environment

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the 5-Week Data Science Bootcamp by DPhi!

Before we get started with the bootcamp, we need to equip ourselves with certain tools that would facilitate us to help get started with solving problems with data science. In this article/session, we will help you in setting up the python environment on your laptop/desktop. Alongside, we will help you with some guidelines/format that we would be following throughout the bootcamp.

Here goes the first introductory video:

Brief Conclusions from the intro:

  • Through week#0, we will help you get started with the basics of Python for Data Science.
  • Python is by far the easiest and human-friendly programming language 🙂 So absolutely there is no need to worry
  • Above being said, when we are doing something for the first time, we might face some issues but don’t get disheartened/demotivated. Please know that we are there at your back throughout the learning process. Alongside this, your respective coaches will also be with you.

Format of the bootcamp:

  • There will Day-wise learning modules
    • The learning will be put up publicly – so that learners who couldn’t register for the bootcamp can also access the material and learn from it
    • The learning modules will also be put up on DPhi Learning Platform. Alongside there will be some quizzes that are to be solved by the learners enrolled for the bootcamp.
  • There will be 2-3 live sessions every week by Data Science experts
  • There will 3-4 assignments during 5-week duration

Here comes the pre-work presentation:

Downloadable version of the slides:

That’s all for the day to all our passionate learners!

See you tomorrow 🙂

Chanukya Patnaik
Team DPhi

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