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Data Science Bootcamp โ€“ Day #9-10 โ€“ More Practice on Pandas

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Hello Passionate Learners ๐Ÿ˜€

As you might be aware by now, pandas is one of the most important libraries that we would be using for Data Science. In the next few days, we will emphasize practicing what was taught in yesterday’s session. Don’t worry if you missed the session, you can watch the recorded version of the sameย youtube channel link. Further, the jupyter/collab notebook and slides are tuned in such a way thatย you can do self-learning.

  • The learning module for today is put up live on the learning platform
  • Lagging behind the schedule? – Don’t worry! the next 2-3 days are for self-practice, meant to apply what was learnt and catch up the pace. We will only re-run things that were covered yesterday.
  • Quiz for pandas will be put up live today or tomorrow.

Downloadbale version of slides can be found here:

Jupyter Notebook link:

Happy learning and great evening/morning/afternoon :smile:Make most of the #help channel and your coaches!


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