About Us

DPhi is a community with a vision to build data culture and democratize Data Science learning.

It was started with an intent to create an impact, build a great community and product in the field of data science that people love associating with or consuming it!

The vision is simple as it says: We want to build data culture and democratize Data Science learning. We would make every attempt to provide the best experience to our learners that which would make DPhi as a default destination for their data science learning.

Further, we strongly believe finances shouldn't impede one's learning! Fundamentally, our belief is that education should not be sold the way it is being done in the market currently. It should be offered for free as much as possible or provided at an extremely economical cost that is accessible to masses.

Now, what is data culture? It can be in any form. Let's say the way we operate (at work, life, etc). Building a data culture would help us make better decisions driven with data yet being human. In today’s world Data Science is not just a Data Scientist thingy. It is for Everyone! Each one of us is a consumer of data, and we must empower ourselves with some essential data science skills to be able to make better decisions. To facilitate this learning process and achieve our vision, we will be adopting various modes of learning on our platform.

Learners on DPhi can learn "data science problem-solving" through courses, competitions, practice, and discussion forums. Further, we will make every attempt to enrich and gamify the entire learning experience for our community of learners.

As we move forward, we will explore various opportunities (partnerships, business products) that would allow us to sustain, grow, and create a much bigger impact without deterring any of the values mentioned above. 

Cheers & Happy Learning!

Team DPhi


Our Team

Robby Janssens (Marketer)

Vineet Puri (Marketer)

Shreehari Vaasistha (Developer)

Sam Joel (Developer)

Joshua Jumbo (UI/UX Designer)

Shubham Tripathi (UI/UX Designer)

Nikhil Chintawar (Developer)

Areeb Beigh (Developer)

Gunnika Batra (Data Scientist)

Manish Kumar Chaudhary (Data Scientist)

Julián Darío Miranda-Calle (Lead Data Scientist)

Chanukya Patnaik (Co-founder)

Murthy Adapa (Co-founder)


Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding DPhi or suggestions on how we can make DPhi better, please don’t hesitate to reach us out at support@dphi.tech.