About Us


DPhi is an ecosystem envisioned to shape the future of A.I/Innovation and democratize data science education. Our inception of the ecosystem started as a global data science community that is now home to 30K+ data and tech enthusiasts from 140+ countries. 

For Individuals: We are an open education Data/A.I community where one can practice, compete, discuss, share knowledge and learn real-world data/A.I skills. We frequently conducted community bootcamps on cutting-edge technologies such as Deep Learning, Machine Learning etc, and host live sessions with industry experts.

For Companies: We are a one-stop solution for crowdsourcing A.I/developer adoption and building great Engineering and A.I teams' through our automated technical assessments platform. We partnered with the likes of Trell, Peking University/Capgemini/SVV, Segmind etc to host real-world A.I & Data Science Challenges.

DPhi is currently driven by a bunch of passionate individuals who came together to make an impact and create a meaningful difference on the planet. Most importantly each one of us is extremely passionate about education and cutting-edge technologies. We are a very diverse team working from 6 different countries with a single purpose to drive the vision of DPhi forward. While at we constantly look for like-minded companies, entrepreneurs, individuals etc to join us or collaborate with us.

Our Team

Mudit Srivastava (Business & Product)
Apoorva Bhalla (Product & UX)
Shreehari Vaasistha (Developer)
Sam Joel (Developer)
Joshua Jumbo (UI/UX Designer)
Nikhil Chintawar (Developer)
Areeb Beigh (Developer)
Gunnika Batra (Data Scientist)
Manish Kumar Chaudhary (Data Scientist)
Julián Darío Miranda-Calle (Lead Data Scientist)
Chanukya Patnaik (Co-founder)
Murthy Adapa (Co-founder)


Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding DPhi or suggestions on how we can make DPhi better, please don’t hesitate to reach us out at support@dphi.tech.