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Note: Registrations for the bootcamp are now closed. However, we’ll soon be doing our next Data Science learning activity. We suggest you to fill this form so that we could notify you.

Key Highlights

18 days

learning modules

live sessions


1 Datathon
on real-world dataset

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Deep Learning Bootcamp - Learning Path Deep Learning Bootcamp - Learning Path

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Deep Learning Certificate - DPhi

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Why should you enrol?

Deep Learning Bootcamp - Benefits Deep Learning Bootcamp - Benefits

Q: What is Deep Learning Online Bootcamp?

A: The Deep Learning Online Bootcamp is an initiative by DPhi to help aspiring Data Scientists learn and apply concepts of Deep Learning in real-life. During the bootcamp, experts from industry & academia will take sessions on the different aspects of Deep Learning; they will also discuss how to approach a Deep Learning Problem and illustrate the same by solving some interesting Data Science problems. Also, since it’s a community effort, it is free for everyone to join! 🙂

Q: What are the costs of the bootcamp?

A: It is a bootcamp hosted with the help of the community and it is absolutely free of cost to attend.

Q: When does the bootcamp start?

A: The bootcamp commences on 20th August.

Q: What are the prerequisites of the bootcamp?

A: One must have basic knowledge of Python programming (Numpy, Pandas), Linear Algebra, working with Jupyter Notebook/Google Colab.