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Winners of the bitsCrunch NFT Datathon – envisioned towards safeguarding the NFT ecosystem

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Hello Everyone 😄

Here we are with the much-awaited results following weeks of hard work.

Firstly, our heartfelt congratulations go out to each of the participants for all the hard work you have put in. In spite of all the challenges you faced while solving the problem, your persistent efforts and never-give-up attitude have been a true inspiration. We hope you had a good learning experience from this challenge, as well as gained the experience of working on a real-world problem. I must stress on the fact that taking the initiative to solve a problem is in itself a big step – it tells volumes about your intent to learn a subject or apply your skills to solve a problem, whether you succeed or fail is secondary, what matters is that we put our best foot forward and take an initiation at the least. We are super proud of each one of your submissions. 👏 👏

Many thanks to our friends at bitsCrunch who have been vetting submissions diligently to determine the winners and organizing this beautiful event.

Finally, here, we are with the results.

  1. Sijil Jose
  2. Raheem Nasirudeen Adeleye
  3. Patience Mba

Positions (4-6) – No specific order

  • Ibrahim Mohamed Serouis
  • Preeti Murmu
  • Siddharth Prasad Deshpande

Special mention goes to Chris (@cef1911) for sharing his learnings to the community and many thanks to other learners who have been very proactive in the community by helping each other.

With that, let me put together the most active members of the NFT Challenge – @adarsh @Raja @zxc @cef1911 @Bojack. Kudos to you all for your proactive participation in the forums.

Finally, we have randomly chosen the winner to provide NFT giveaway. It goes to our friend @cef1911.

Our hearty congratulations to all the winners 👏


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