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WiDS-Brussels celebrates Womens’ Day in grandeur

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Womens’ Day is all about celebrating the woman and her successes, and supporting and enabling every other woman around us. Women in Data Science(WiDS) is one of the largest well-connected networks of women in the tech world.

The Women in Data Science (WiDS) initiative aims to inspire and educate data scientists worldwide, regardless of gender, and to support women in the field. WiDS started as a one-day technical conference at Stanford in November 2015. Five years later, WiDS is a global movement that includes a number of worldwide initiatives:

  • conference with 150+ regional events worldwide in more than 60 countries, reaching 100,000 participants annually online and in person.
  • datathon, encouraging participants to hone their skills using a social impact challenge. 
  • podcast series, featuring data science leaders from around the world talking about their work, their journeys, and lessons learned along the way
  • An education outreach program to encourage secondary school students to consider careers in data science, artificial intelligence (AI), and related fields. 

As an initiative to connect more individuals and promote women in the tech industry, WiDS Brussels is organising a month-long Womens’ Day celebration.

The festivities include 8-power packed sessions by the industry leaders all through the month of March. If you are a learner you wants to explore NLP in healthcare, curious about ML in Energy management and much more..This is the right place for you.

Topics/Details of the Sessions:

9th March ’21Question-Answering in NLP Applications: CORD-19 Kaggle Competition OverviewLida GhahremanlouRegister Here
11th March ’21Data Science in the real-world: Challenges and OpportunitiesMegan BloemsmaRegister Here
16th March ’21Application of NLP techniques in the airline industryLjubica VujovicRegister Here
18th March ’21Data, Life Sciences and Healthcare: The Latest Trends in Digital HealthKaren PesseRegister Here
19th March ’21Digitalization of the Electric Power sector: ML-based applications for Energy ManagementMarina DorokhovaRegister Here
25th March ’21Predict stock prices using Google TrendsMarguerite FresqRegister Here
30th March ’21Recommender System – A Boon for both worldsSukanya BakshiRegister Here
1st April ’21Building a Sentiment Analysis tool for DutchShoera SelsRegister Here

Note: All the sessions are scheduled at 2:30pm CET.

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