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DPhi and LearnML Trailblazer Fellowship

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Recently, we announced a partnership between DPhi and Learning.MachineLearning communities to democratize data science education. With this, we are launching our first collaborative initiative – Trailblazer Fellowship.

What is Trailblazer Fellowship?

We invite enthusiastic community members who would love to be Trailblazer Fellows. This is a volunteer-driven Fellowship, and the selected individuals will directly work with DPhi and Learn.MachineLearning founding team. Their work will be intended towards empowering a global community of 400K+ AI Enthusiasts engaged on DPhi and Learn.MachineLearning.

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Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Work directly with DPhi and Learn.MachineLearning’s leadership.
  • Explore AI/ML-related concepts, upcoming disruptions, and trends. Share insightful content that adds value to the global AI community.
  • Understand and implement the best practices for maximizing our reach via social media.
  • Have fun

What will you get: 

  • Love from hundreds of thousands of learners worldwide.
  • Firsthand experience of building a global tech community.
  • Direct mentorship from leaders who are driving some of the most notable data science communities in the world.
  • Certificate upon successful completion.

Other essential details: 

  • Number of positions: 6
  • Location: This will be a virtual volunteership. You can work from home and guide the learners.
  • Start date & duration: This is a 3-month long volunteership, starting from 30th May 2021.
  • How to apply: Please fill out the form below.
  • We value diversity, and we welcome applicants regardless of ethnic origin, academic background, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, or age to apply for the fellowship program.

To get started please fill the form below.

Application Form

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    1. Hi Shashank, thank you for reporting to us. We’ve fixed the form issue. You should be able to apply now. Thanks!

  1. Si nos enfocamos al nivel de estudio en Dphi, solo me queda decir es un excelente nivel y enfoca al alumno a situaciones o semi proyectos reales con la posibilidad de decision al seleccionar sus mejores opciones orientadas a la solucion de la tarea…para mi muy gratificante el participar en sus cursos y bootcamp y quien sabe mas adelante tambien aportar e itegarme a este gran grupo de profesionales de Dphi i continuar con compartir conocimientos a la comunidad..gracias…

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