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Session on Data Story Telling by Vijay Pravin Maharajan

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  • Live Session| 11th July 2020, 5:00 pm CET (locate time in your timezone here)
  • Duration: 1 hrs | Speaker: Vijay Pravin Maharajan (Data Analytics Expert, Data Story Teller, Public Speaker)
  • Note: This is a community-driven initiative and there is no participation fee.

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What will be covered?

In this session, the speaker will explain how to turn raw data into actionable insights, meaningful stories that would allow us to make informed data-driven decisions.

The session is designed for beginners & absolute beginners. Even if you do not have have any prior knowledge of the topic, you should be able to follow it smoothly.

Speaker Details:

Vijay Pravin Maharajan is a Data Analytics Expert, Public Speaker, Data-Story-Teller and recipient of ‘Top 40 Data Scientists under 40’ in India. He is a TEDx Speaker and has also given talks on various International Conferences on a wide range of topics. He inspires a lot of people through his talks, microblog posts on Linkedin (30K+ people follow him on this professional network). Vijay, in his own words, believes that “Passion Towards Helping out Others Always Pushed Me Further”


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