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Organize A.I Challenges on DPhi

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In our endeavor to democratize Data Science/A.I for everyone, our team has been working tirelessly on a strong start for a new initiative that allows organizations to conduct A.I/ML challenges to foster innovation and solve real-world problems.

How A.I/ML Challenges help?

Hosting public & private (within the organization) can help in several ways spanning from innovation driven by A.I to identifying new use cases and solving real-world/business problems.

We thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Trell & IIT Guwahati to conduct one such challenge here: dphi.tech/practice/challenge/46 

How it works?

  • You apply to host a Challenge
  • DPhi Data Science team will reach out to you to understand the problem statement & data
  • You prepare the problem statement and publish the Challenge for your internal organization needs or host a public A.I Challenge for the community

Apply Now

Note: Currently, we are offering the platform for free to universities and research collaborators. For companies/businesses, we will be providing the platform for a nominal cost to afford the operational costs.


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