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Online Deep Learning Bootcamp: Learning Journey from all around the world! [Free Resource]

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Online Deep Learning Bootcamp Free Resources

For beginners and intermediate Deep Learning enthusiasts who are looking to start their Journey, we organized an Online Deep Learning Bootcamp filled with 50+ hours of lectures, covering 80+ topics, learning materials, slide, hands-on problems solving, live sessions from industry experts, etc. for absolutely no charge. We the objective of Building Data Culture, this Bootcamp is one of the many initiatives that we have set up for the community.

[All Resources of the Online Deep Learning Bootcamp can be access here for free.]

Online Deep Learning Bootcamp Free Resources

We concluded the Bootcamp with participation and results beyond our expectations. Deep Learning enthusiasts from different parts of the world, of all age groups, varying professions and several industries came together to make it a success. We celebrated the end of the Bootcamp with an Online Graduation Ceremony which can be found here.

Learning Journey from all around the world

With great pride, we would like to showcase the feedback and testimonials given by the learners on this post. We hope that this may become an inspiration to anyone who would like to start their Deep Learning and Data Science Journey Today. All you need is the passion and determination to learn. Taking one small step at a time, we hope everyone here the best for more learning journey to come.

We believe in Democratizing Data Science Learning and aim to provide education in the fields related to Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence to anyone who has the passion and drive to learn. Hence, we have released the entire Online Deep Learning Bootcamp resources for free. This includes:

  • 50+ hours of lectures
  • Covering 80+ topics
  • Learning materials
  • Slides
  • Hands-on problems solving
  • Live Sessions from industry experts, etc.

Online Deep Learning Bootcamp Resources

You can click on the link below to start learning at your own pace from wherever and whenever you please. The sign-up process is simple and there is absolutely no charge to access the entire contents.

Online Deep Science Bootcamp [Resources]

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