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Data Science Bootcamp – Day #12 – Session on Data Preprocessing & Exploratory Data Analysis

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Hello Passionate Learners 😀

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Before we jump into the preparatory material for today’s session, let me remind :alarm_clock: you about the deadline week #0 quiz. It will be close by tonight at 11:59 pm IST or 8:29 pm CET (check your local timeline here).

Practical details for today’s session:

  • Tutor: Ayon Roy
  • Topic: Data Preprocessing & Exploratory Data Analysis (Optional for Beginners and Absolute Beginners)
  • Date & time: 31st May, at 8:30 pm IST (please locate your time in your timezone here ).
  • Youtube live link:
  • Preparatory material is put up on the learning platform and below on the slides.

While it is focused towards intermediate/advanced learners, even absolute beginners and beginners can attend and learn from it.

Download Slides


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