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Best Notebooks – Data Analysis & Visualizations 101 Bootcamp

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Our recently concluded Data Analysis and Visualization 101 Bootcamp saw enthusiastic participation from Data enthusiasts across the globe. This is the first time we have conducted a bootcamp in Spanish, in addition to delivering it in English.

One of the most important things in thriving communities is to share knowledge and grow together as a community while learning from others. This can only be achieved with the support of the community.

For the final assignment of the bootcamp, we adapted peer review process, where the community has put an additional effort to grade their peer notebooks and provide relevant feedbacks. Further, we have handpicked 5 best notebooks from the lot so that others can go through and learn from them.

Best Notebook Submissions

Problem Statement : English Version, Spanish Version

NameNotebook Link
Abiodun Adamsonhttps://dphi.tech/notebooks/1237
Divya Jamihttps://dphi.tech/notebooks/1261
Snigdha Mohapatrahttps://dphi.tech/notebooks/1202
Jeffrey Pallares (Spanish Version)https://dphi.tech/notebooks/1033
Gursimar Singhhttps://dphi.tech/notebooks/1292

Thanks to all the learners in the community for proactive participation.

Happy learning!

Team DPhi

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