Nagesh Singh Chauhan

  Nagesh is Medium's Official Top writer in Artificial Intelligence. He loves to share knowledge through his articles and comes with rich experience across various domains related to Data Science, Machine learning, Neural networks, Text Analysis, NLP and others.


10 Stories by Nagesh Singh Chauhan

Introduction to Decision Tree Algorithm

All you need to know about Decision Trees and how to build and optimize Decision Tree Classifier. Credits: Introduction Classification is a two-step...
0 12 min read

Fourier Transformation for a Data Scientist

The article contains a brief intro into Fourier transformation mathematically and its applications in AI. Credits: Shutterstock Introduction The Fourier Transform is one of...
0 6 min read

Audio Data Analysis Using Deep Learning with Python (Part 2)

If you are an absolute beginner to audio data analysis, you should read Part 1 of this series first. Once you are comfortable with...
0 6 min read

Audio Data Analysis Using Deep Learning with Python (Part 1)

A brief introduction to audio data processing and genre classification using Neural Networks and python. Introduction While much of the literature and buzz on...
0 10 min read

Coronavirus COVID-19 Genome Analysis

In this article, we will interpret, analyze the COVID-19 DNA sequence data using Biopython. Credits: The emerging global infectious COVID-19 coronavirus disease by...
0 6 min read

Model Evaluation Metrics in Machine Learning

A detailed explanation of model evaluation metrics to evaluate a classification machine learning model. Predictive models have become a trusted advisor to many businesses...
0 11 min read

Naïve Bayes Algorithm — Everything you need to know

Introduction The simplest solutions are usually the most powerful ones, and Naïve Bayes is a good example of that. Despite the advances in Machine...
0 5 min read

Optimization Algorithms in Neural Networks

Overview of some of the most used optimizers while training a neural network. Introduction In deep learning, we have the concept of loss, which...
0 10 min read

Beginners Guide to Statistics in Data Science

Introduction Statistics is a discipline of mathematics that is globally agreed to be a prerequisite for a more profound understanding of machine learning. Although...
0 6 min read

A beginner’s guide to Linear Regression in Python with Scikit-Learn

There are two types of supervised machine learning algorithms: Regression and classification. The former predicts continuous value outputs while the latter predicts discrete outputs....
0 9 min read

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